Medjugorje secrets to be revealed to pope?

The “visionaries” of the “Virgin Mary” will be asked to tell the Pope all of the secrets given to them in the apparitions. I have read about these apparitions and one of the messages from “Mary” was that all religions are equal to the Lord. “Mary” says that it is wrong to criticize any religion. Does this ring a bell? This is the calling card of the one world religion. I posted one of the visionaries speaking of her experiences in the youtube clip below the article. If you listen to her talk, a lot of what she says is based on her emotional experience during the ‘apparition’.  Nothing is based on the Word of God. There are millions of people that follow this deception. I imagine the secrets that are revealed will be about the one world religion to come all based on a false peace and ecumenism.

Rome, Italy – According to the Italian website Petrus (, the six visionaries of Medjugorje will be asked to reveal the ten secrets to Pope Benedict XVI.

Petrus claims that the visionaries – Ivan, Marija, Jakov, Mirjana, Ivanka and Vicka – will be asked to answer questions put forth by the committee that was formed to investigate the Marian apparitions in Medjugorje. This is supposedly most likely going to take place in the fall. During this time, according to the report, they will be asked to divulge the ten secrets that were entrusted to them by the Blessed Mother.

It must be noted, however, that the website Petrus has published other questionable reports about Medjugorje in the past, some of which have proved to be erroneous and outright vindictive. Petrus is very open about their anti-Medjugorje stance, referring to the six seers as “pseudo-visionaries” in their articles. Much of their reporting on the apparitions is clearly intended to malign the phenomenon, even before the Church has made a decision.

American news outlets, such as, are already picking up the story, but it must be stressed that it is most likely just another attack by the anti-Medjugorje website Petrus and should not be treated as fact.

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  1. Never judge, never preach….and Jesus is in every person. This is exactly like the new age Jesus Sueliz…same thing! And if you look at this woman she is really seeing something isn’t she? I like how “We change people” not Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I know so many Catholics, and so many folks in protestant churches too who would eat this up. Times are so dark right now and it seems like these apparitions are getting more frequent. Is that true?

  2. Hi M,

    I was one that ate this stuff up with a spoon. I totally noticed that too the “we change” instead of HIM. Actually, these apparitions have been going on a long time and it’s been consistent for years now that she ‘appears’ once a month.

  3. Oh Sue it’s awful that people do not know any better. I knew this went on a long time ago there but I had no idea it was a monthly date with “Mary” this is unreal.

  4. I really hope you didn’t think I wouldn’t say something to this.
    Gal 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
    I don’t believe that I have found anywhere in the bible where it says to pray unto “Mary”.
    I do find where it says to pray to the Father through Jesus Christ for he is our “go between” for us.
    I do find the even Mary was NOT sinless only Jesus our Savior was sinless, NO ONE else.
    If people are truly seeing what they think is the Virgin Mary they are seeing a demon and if they are seeing her in visions they are possessed of Satan not God our Father.
    Yes, I believe it is a demon leading up and trying to unify the one world church for it is soon coming to the place where the Holy Spirit will withdraw his protection of earth and Satan will abound for 7 years.
    You can go to the bank on that.

    • Hi Kirk,

      It’s actually quite easy to be deceived if you are Catholic as I was. There are apparition coloring books as kids and it is quite common place and normal to believe it to be true as a Catholic.

      • Ghost Whisperers: is it Catholic based or not? I think it is but am not sure enough to call that.

      • What do you mean by that Kirk?

      • Well the bible speaks of us going to our just rewards immediately after death without any human intervention. It speaks of mediums speaking to dead but was shocked when actual person came. Ghost Whispers shows the exact opposite. People needing help getting into the light but never shows that you have to have salvation. I don’t think I have ever heard Jesus’ name mentioned on the show. Talking with the dead in a common occurrence on the show. If I understand the bible correctly if you are talking with the dead you are talking with a demon not the person you think you are. Now is that Catholic teaching or something else?

  5. Why is it that people are so ready to believe and follow the lies of Satan instead of believing and following the Truth of God’s Inspired Inerrent Written Word?
    If something does not line up with the Word of God, The Bible, It is NOT of God, but of Satan the lier and deceiver!
    God’s Inspired Inerrent Written Word Declares in:
    2 Thessalonians 2:7-12
    “For the mystery of inquity doth already work; only he who now hindereth will continue to hinder until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that wicked one be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming,
    Even him whose coming is after the working of Satan will all power and signs and lying wonders,
    And with all deceivableness perish, because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,
    That they might be judged who believed not the truth, but took pleasure in unrighteousness.”

  6. When people go to Medjugorje, they are going to visit the place where our mother appears, Jesus told us from the cross that she is our mother. Mary is who she is because of Jesus. People listen to Mary’s message, the message is to believe in her son Jesus. Medjugorje has been responsible for many coversions to Jesus. Millions of people have been to medjugore tobe closer to Mary to Jesus to God.
    Satanists are known to steal the host from communion. what does that tell you?
    Bohemian grove where the worlds politicians hang out is suspect to say te least. how can anyone say that medjugorje is bad, just listen to Paddy Kelly’s testimony at Medjugorje on Youtube. The messageis turn to Jesus and to Pray and fast.

    • Hi Antonio. Welcome. Just because an entity appears and says it is “mary” does not mean that it is. Christ said “Thy Word is Truth” and that’s where we need to look for the ultimate truth, not an apparition. I used to be Catholic, Antonio and believed in these apparitions. I now believe they are demonic. Mary to appear would be she is like God: omnipresent and can hear everyone’s prayers which is an attribute to God alone. Please watch this clip Tony:

      In the Medjugorje apparitions, Mary says that Jesus says that all religions are the same which is heresy. Antonio, please listen to Richard Bennett’s (former Catholic priest) talk on who the Biblical Mary really is:

  7. All apparitions are crap and trash . Why doesnt mary appear to people in desperate suffering if she really exists. She never shows up when people are in dire trouble

  8. how could this be the work of satan if they are asking us to pray and be good people. that would cause no good to satan at all. These are messages of peace and prayer. I now understand so many people judging and not believing in Jesus. Sometimes you have to take a leap fo faith. And for those who do not approve of prayer to mary then have you ever said the rosary. Think of the sorrow she went through seeing her son suffer and die. She was CHOSEN and was crowned queen of heaven and earth…what better person to appear.

  9. Dear ay,

    Have you read about the queen of heaven in the book of Jeremiah? Please do.
    Mary is not omnipotent and omnipresent. Those are attributes to God alone. Satan will appear as an angel if light. We are not to pray to created beings – ie. saints or Mary. This is a sin and idolatry.

    • There is one truth, we can rely on with certainty. The enemy could never bring you to love the Lord MORE. This is unthinkable, isn’t it?
      These signs of the times, have without doubt brought many back to the God of scripture. TRUE
      One will , before God, reflect and regret making such assumptions. Key words: Start again

      • I have dealt with supernatural things my whole life. Poison is 99 percent water. Evil spirits are sinister, deceptive, manipulative, and dishonest. Evil can use our weaknesses as a way of instilling hope, so the illusion is much more painful when the truth is revealed. Its like alcohol…feels awesome, seems like a solution, leads to misery, pain, and and abandonment. Getting high on God is such an abomination. Mary is awesome, Mary is the Mother of Jesus, Mary went to Heaven in Body, Mary is Queen of the angels. Revelation, does the angel accept the worship? No, the angel speaks of Jesus…Thank HIM. We are to go to the Father through the Son, who is the Father. In this period of grace, we have been gifted this path by Jesus sacrifice, which sent the Holy Spirit. Saints and Mary are amazing figures in Heaven, and do not want us to focus our attention off of Christ Himself…as he is the Intercessor, the Christ. That doesn’t mean it is not okay to ask Christ to Thank these individuals for praying for us in Heaven. People over complicate religion and blaspheme God. Seeds of division grow into trees of division. A kingdom divided shall not stand. Stay with the basics…experience full Communion with Christ and his sacraments passed on to Peters spirit. The rock. Faith is so simple…Love…no matter what. Blind love. Blind belief in Love…who is God.
        Then, one shall experience the Truth, of Christ’s wounds, of Christ’s gifts, of his Eternal Life. “The Queen of the South shall arrive at Judgement. To condemn the world…Judge…Medjugorje…start at the j…go back and forth…j-u-d-g-e…so…is it Mary? Who Knows…stop deciding and stay united with Christ. Stop arguing over human opinion…u, are not God. I love being left handed…

      • Dude…evil loves to manipulate…God bless

  10. Everyone knocks down heaven when they call…Everyone knocks down signs from heaven when they appear.

    Black smoke rose from the Vatican twice when the pope was elected. Lighting strikes the Vatican twice when he resigned.

    Duh, go figure?

    • The Blessed Virgin is our mother. Pray and study Holy Writ. She is the Ark of Jesus’ New Covenant. Pray and your eyes will see it in scripture. So obvious. Thank the Holy Spirit who reigns in her heart! And ours. The Bread of Life reigns in the Ark. Praised be Jesus

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  12. Thomas. Where in scripture does it say Mary went to heaven in her body?

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