Franklin Graham: Second Coming could be a social media event


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6 Responses

  1. All those people living in 3rd world countries have cell phones. Every single person in the USA has a cell phone. Mexico, the Congo, Siberia…You actually made that a point a few months ago and such a great point it was!

    And to boot, when Jesus comes back all technology is gonna work just fine right. I wonder how everything is workiing in Japan right now? I guess that 4 G network better work on some emergency back up modes that can rival Jesus!

    Thanks for posting this Sue!

  2. Isn’t it crazy Dawn. That is so OFF. Graham acts like it will be all “everyday” and “normal”. The scriptures says every eye will see it. It’s like ‘maitreya’ who needs tv interviews for people to see him. Give me a break.

  3. Part of that delusion I suppose. It’s a good one! Good enough to decieve the very elect if possible right?

  4. ..especially when being touted by “famous” Christians.

  5. Yes. Famous christians tend to be very influencial.

  6. I haven’t quit shaking my head over this one. Graham’s comments are so amazingly and astonishingly absurd, looks like satire. Sounds like something a first grader would come up with, who heard the story of Jesus’ return from Santa Claus. He MUST be kidding!!! My, what a low view of Scripture he has, let alone when the King of Kings, Lord of all, returns. Pitiful. Usually nothing can get a rise out of me,…this got one ;) !!!!

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