Northern Ireland: men fined for anti-Catholic Facebook messages


A district judge in Northern Ireland has fined two men for posting anti-Catholic messages on Facebook.

“I hope you realize how inappropriate and stupid your comments are,” Judge Richard Wilson said to Matthew McKenna, 20, and Dean Boyd, 21, who pleaded guilty to sending offensive messages. The two were fined £250 ($396) and £400 ($634).

“No one would get away with making such comments in the street and it is important that a message is sent out that sectarian comments and threats such as this are not acceptable and in this instance can inflame tensions.”

The two men who were fined encouraged people to kill all Catholics, not just opposed Catholic teaching. Not a wise thing to do. As Christians we are called to love everyone, especially those we disagree with and we are always called to care for one another and season our speech with kindness.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi, Sue. These guys weren’t fined for refuting Catholic doctrine. The comments were, among other things, “Kill all taigs (Catholics).”

  2. Hi Jon,
    I noticed that after I posted. I’ll make a note at bottom of article.

  3. Europe,and especially Britain, have a censored and authoritarian legal system, when it comes to such speech. This is a consequence of the past Counterculture ethics. Ethics i do not share. Although deranged and ridiculous speech is what it is. We love not carnally, nor worldly. And we do not have apply Christian ethics to the Satanic.

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