About me

I am a former devout Catholic that has been transformed by the simplicity and power of the Gospel. The purpose of this blog is to inform the church and Catholics about the one world religion to come and how Rome fits into this religion. I write about Catholic news sharing my opinion while informing readers. My passion is to show the contrast of scripture versus RCC dogma. My prayer is to share Jesus with those lost in bondage to Catholic teachings and a pharisee-like faith. I pray the news can open eyes as it did mine.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for the alert concerning James Robison and Catholics. Also thank you for troubeling bullit points.
    Robison ignorance of the bullit points is bad enough. He is without excuse for not knowing that Romes numerous councils have issued official teaching that would pronounce Robison anethema..

  2. A good site. Keep up the good work

    Shirley Anne x

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