European Court: Crucifixes Allowed in Classrooms-Vatican Hails Victory

The European Court rules public schools in Italy can hang crucifixes on their walls.

The Vatican is praising the decision after it’s campaign to remind Europe of it’s ‘Christian’ identity.

The case began with a Finnish woman, Soile Lautsi,  living in Italy that complained her children should not be subjected to looking at the crucifix in their classrooms-that it interfered with the secular notion of public schools.

At first the Strasbourg-France European Court of Human Rights agreed with the mother. Italy appealed, which included a Pope-led Vatican campaign to keep the crucifixes in the schools.  Poland (the home of the late Pope Paul II, soon to be “Saint”) also appealed along with many other European countries.

Due to the appeal, European countries may now request their governments to allow religious symbols in their public schools.

Will European public schools allow Mary statues next or a Buddha statue?

Rev. Frederico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press office said:

“a margin of judgment concerning the value of religious symbols in its own cultural history and national identity, including where the symbols are displayed.”

Lautsi’s husband and self-described atheist, Massimo Albertin said the outcome was due to the Vatican’s campaign, saying “the Vatican is too strong for individuals.”  He continued,”Freedom of religion, freedom from discrimination, freedom of choice are fundamental principles and in this case they weren’t respected,”

Source: yahoo news

My comment:

Lautsi’s husband is correct in saying the Vatican is too strong for individuals. The Vatican uses civil power to achieve spiritual goals.

This ruling will open  doors to allowing all sorts of symbolism in schools, and it wont stop with the cross.

If public schools allow crucifixes, they will have to allow for Buddhas, Muslim symbols, pagan symbolism, right down to satanic symbols.

Will this not be the culmination of religion, to allow every religious symbol to coexist in the public school? Surely this is the one world religion unveiling itself in the public sphere. The Vatican has knowingly opened Pandora’s box. They will boast being the champion of  “religious freedom”, as they strive to lead the world religion and the’ world church’.

Interestingly enough, the Vatican is entering  into dialogue with atheists as I write this article, trying to bridge understanding between non-believers and Catholics. Where is it taking place? At the United Nations headquarters in Paris, of course.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

Written by Sue

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9 Responses

  1. Hi Sue,

    Having never been a Roman Catholic, I could never understand why the need to leave Christ hanging on the cross.
    We know He was taken down, put in the grave and three days later arose of His own power.
    He is Risen, thereby completing God’s ultimate defeat of Satan.
    Christ was crucified for our sins, yes, but the power of our salvation is in His resurrection. Without the final and absolute, proven Resurrection of Jesus Christ there would be no salvation.
    He is alive!! And we need no symbolism to prove it.. We have God’s infallible Word!!

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

    • Jack,

      Yes, I can understand you. After my husband and I trusted Jesus ALONE, we took down the crucifix. He is indeed Risen and alive and has defeated death. Amen.

  2. Ugh. ” The Vatican has knowingly opened Pandora’s box. They will boast being the champion of “religious freedom”, as they strive to lead the world religion and the’ world church’.” Another, Ugh. Well, that’s all I can say…except keep us posted on that U.N meeting with the athiests.

  3. Hey there Reformed..

    I will do that. The official meeting starts this Thursday. I will keep you updated !

    In Him,

  4. this is truly a troubling development.

    But it it not surprising.
    The Vatican is all powerful when it comes to having their way when they really want it.
    And soon they will have their world religion.
    Can the great tribulation be far behind?

  5. Laura,

    I do feel it in my gut that it is all very close.

    Awaiting our King’s Return,

  6. His return is so near!
    But I am sighing here, because I so badly want to have assurance of all of my kids salvation!

    But overall I know I just have to trust the Lord in that.

    I know that prayer and gospel sharing and staying in the Word, has to be a high priority.

  7. I will remember your children in prayer, Laura. Leave the worry with Him.


  8. The public dialogue with Atheists could benefit from the new publication „The Great Leap-Fraud, Social Economics of Religious Terrorism.“ It is a saga of deceit and fraud under cover of religion through 2300 years of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In its approach as one piece of the struggle against poverty, it includes all necessary primary evidence how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unfolds through the eye of history.
    Herbert L. Calhoun asks in his review for The Great Leap-Fraud by author A.J. Deus:
    “Is this the Historico-religious Trifecta of the Century?
    It is my considered opinion that all the Sam Harrises, Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennetts in the world could not have made a more profound statement about why ridding the world of organized religion must remain postmodern man’s most urgent task than the case made here by this author.”
    Summaries can be found at

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